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I focus on my home province Uthai Thani. I post my personal experiences and interests of the other provinces. And I share my favorite local recipes.

Before traveling or moving to Thailand, please read the do’s and the don'ts.

For those who don’t know what farang stands for: click here for an explanation of the word FARANG.

Ban ObOun dog shelter

Ban ObOun is a dog shelter founded by Michèle Bise, a Swiss expat, and Sombut Singkaew, a retired teacher from Uthai Thani. Ban ObOun,...

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Thai Family

My actual family. I’m the little orange calippo on the left. Everybody seems related to each other My friends always think I have a...

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Wat Thung Setthi

In Khon Kaen I visited Wat Thung Setthi because it is slightly different from the usual temples. With its white exterior with gold and...

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