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Uthai Thani waterpark


The Uthai Thani waterpark or the Park in Commemoration of HM. the King is a good place for running. It is located a little outside of the city center. You can get directions on google maps. It looks a little different now than on the google streetview picture. I think it is an outdated picture.

waterpark-Uthai-Thani-track` Left : this is what ‘the entrance’ looks like nowadays. Right : this is what the track looks like nowadays.

If you like running in a quiet peaceful environment, this is the place to be. You can run tracks around the waterpark. I am told that 1 track is 700m, but I can’t assure you that is correct. Because the trees around the waterpark provide shade on the track, you can run during the daytime as well.


Around the park there are 12 posts where you can do some exercises. Some of the pictures are not readable anymore, use your own imagination on those.


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