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Uthai Thani Provincial Sport Stadium


The Uthai Thani Provincial Sport Stadium is located a little out of the city center (click here for the google maps directions), but as it is located next to the Uthai Thani Provincial Sport Center of Thailand it is a good place to practice many sports. There is a large variety of possibilities. Because the 2 places are right next to each other I will write about it pretending it is the exact same location.

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Around the football field there is a running track.I would expect it to be a 400m long lane, but I’m not 100% sure that they are as strict about it here.

If running around in circles is not exciting enough for you, you can run up to the top of the mountain.

Behind the football field, next to the stadium there are 2 pétanque courts. If you want to play pétanque you will have to bring your own pétanque balls.

Behind the football field there are 4 tennis courts. If you want to play tennis you will have to bring your own tennis racquet and balls.

Underneath the tribune closest to the main road there is an outdoor fitness. You can use the fitness equipment for free.

At the other side of the street there is a mini-football court (or outdoor futsal, whatever you want to call it).

Next to the mini-football court there is a basketball court. If you want to play basketball you should bring your own basketball.

At the entrance on the main road there is a small indoor fitness which is open from monday to friday from 17h until midnight. It is air conditioned and free of entrance.


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