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Why expats love Uthai Thani

I’ve been living in Uthai Thani for almost 2 years and I fell in love with the simplicity of life, the kindness and hospitality of the citizens. Everyday the people surrounding me make me happy but they are not aware of it, because that is just the way they are.

Many expats come and go in Uthai Thani, but once you’ve been part of the community you’ll share the same love for the city. I’ve shared what I like and dislike about living in Uthai Thani as an expat. I’d like to give other expats whom I became friends with the opportunity to share with you what they love the most or for those who moved what they miss the most about Uthai Thani.

I share their opinions without influencing, spell checking or adapting them in any way.

If after reading this article you are convinced you want to teach English in rural Thailand. Or you are looking for a teaching job in Uthai Thani or surrounding provinces already, you can always contact me on twitter or .

Hayden Living in Uthai Thani is an experience I will never forget. Having never heard of the province or the town, I didn’t expect much, however getting off the minivan almost one year ago, the town and people have become a significant part of my life. To me, and to my friends and family who have visited the town, Uthai Thani is an authentic experience, a real view of life in Thailand; there are no shopping malls, Western resturants or movie cinemas, but Uthai Thani offers so much more, as it is one of the last pronvinces throughout Thailand left untouched and Westernized. Uthai Thani offers a nostalgic view of Thailand; from the houses on the Chao Prae River, to the fresh farmers market every Sunday morning (which if you drive by at 5am, you can spot the vendours setting up). As much as the place is beautiful, with amazing sites, a special mention has to be made for the people of Uthai Thani. Never have i experienced such warmth and welcoming from locals, who barely know much English, but will still try to talk to you, ask you how you are doing, and if you are hungry. Uthai Thani is so much more than just a province I work in, Uthai Thani has become my home.

Katy I lived in Uthai Thani for almost two years. When I arrived I wasn’t instantly in love but over time it became an amazing place to call home. A place unknown to tourists (and even some Thais) left it unspoiled, peaceful, and very very different than anything I had known. I was able to become a part of the community over the course of my living there. I will always call it home and I can’t wait to go back to visit.

Katy’s blog :

Nathan I miss hanging out with friends, and skateboarding with the local skaters down by the river in Uthai Thani. And I also really liked hanging out at ภูผาคอฟฟี่ (Phupha coffee), they have good coffee and good food.

Seth My favorite part of living in Uthai Thani was the close-knit family feel I got from living in the community. Even with all the cultural differences the people opened their arms up to us and tried to include the foreigners as much as possible. We also had a small but very lively expat community. It was very fun, and everyone looked out for one another. I really miss the camaraderie in Uthai Thani among both the expats and local Thai people.

An excerpt from my blog best sums up how I feel about the rural people in Thailand. “Rural folks with their bright eyes and strong smiles. Ever so friendly and ever so curious, always ready to give love and dissipate hate…”Read more on Seth’s blog.

Seth’s blog :

Seth’s Rural Thai TV’s YouTube channel and Seth’s Rural Thai TV’s Facebook page

Yi-Jia-Hui I love Uthai Thani so much. I love my students and my daily life here. There is no traffic jam and no noisy sounds. I enjoy life here!

Cada I enjoyed living the simple life in Uthai Thani. Teaching, riding my bike around rice fields, climbing the temple steps just before sunset and eating Thai food took up most of my days. Many locals made sure that I felt welcome in town. I miss the friends I made, the kids I worked with and the simplicity of life in Uthai Thani.

Rob There are many things that make my life in Uthai Thani very enjoyable. The thing I like the most is the hospitality and kindness of the people living in this small town. I’ve already seen a few different parts of Thailand. Thailand is often called “the land of smiles”, but I’ve never experienced as many smiles as in Uthai Thani. After travelling to more touristy places it always feels good to come back home to Uthai Thani knowing you’ll find peace and quietness.

Since not many foreigners travel to this town it’s quite common to approach one another and have a chat. It’s always nice to meet new people and interesting to hear their stories.

I love Thai Food , but I especially love the food in Uthai Thani. It’s authentic and not adapted to tourists. Although I still prefer my wife’s Thai cooking.

If you travel a little bit out of the city center there are many beautiful nature sceneries in this province.

Va-banner I like the simplicity of Uthai Thani. It’s really simple haha. It’s not overwhelming, you get a “real Thai experience”.

Va’s blog :

David Uthai Thani is a quiet little town. The locals are friendly and there’s a very small but active group of farangs living here who get together to hang out and have drinks on the weekends. It’s too hot to do much else!

Kim Uthai Thani is one of the simple places I lived in Thailand. I miss teaching, walking around town while drinking iced coffee from Ma Chère. They have the best pastries in town. I miss the people and the children I worked with, specially the friends I made.

Tatum I love that Uthai Thani is a small town. I grew up in a small town, so it has a familiar feeling even though it’s an entirely different culture. I teach at Anuban Muang school and because it is a close knit community, I get to see my students at the park, in the market, and around town. I also love that it isn’t a huge tourist spot, because I’m getting a true Thai experience and I’m fully immersed in the culture and language. Before I made the decision to come to Thailand, I didn’t think I would end up in such a rural town, but I’ve loved every second.

Sou There’s so much I like about Uthai Thani I had to make a list.

  1. Jae : My lovely fiancee who I met from the school I teach. It’s been a joy to have a partner to explore this beautiful culture and country with. She was born and raised in Uthai Thani and knows so much about the area. It’s awesome to annoy her with my many questions about everything Thailand.
  2. Blue Boat Noodle Shop (ก๋วยเตี๋ยวเรือสวน 200 ปี) : In my opinion the best noodle in Uthai Thani’s many noodle shop. It cost 20 baht for a small bowl or 30 baht for a slightly bigger one. I recommend having it with the pig’s blood and leaving out the sugar.
  3. My students : I’ve enjoy teaching them English and it keeps my day busy and interesting.
  4. The citizens of Uthai Thani : Everyone is so welcoming. They’re all hard working and it seems everyone owns their own business. Whether it’s a mobile food stand or an air conditioned restaurants, the people of Uthai Thani are dedicated to their business.
  5. Fish Tank and Beer Box. The two go-to places that us foreigners go for a nice meal and a drink.
  6. Rice Paddies : I love riding my bike out there and looking at the countryside.
  7. The traffic or the lack of traffic : After seeing Chiang Mai and Bangkok, it’s comforting to be able to drive a motorbike in Uthai Thani without thinking your life is at risk.
  8. The mountain pathway up to the temple Wat SanKat. It’s a nice road to jog up into the temple. It’s a great feeling when you get up there in the morning and look down into the city.

Masha I miss my kids. And friends. The food in Uthai Thani was great - the fish tank is the best! People are very kind and hospitable. Paiboon!

Molly When I decided to teach in Thailand, I really wanted to live in a Thai town-far from the touristy places I spend my holiday. Luckily I ended up in Uthai Thani. What I love the most about living here is feeling like part of the community. The town is full of kind people who you see daily and who always greet you with a smile. It’s a safe place where you can slow down and relax but also enjoy the company of people from all over the world. I will always think of Uthai Thani as “home.”

Grace-banner The period of time I’ve lived in Uthai Thani might be a few months but I’ve come to know warm and kind-hearted people which I’ve come to love and cherish for the rest of my life. Firstly, Uthai Thani might be small but the locals make it different. They’re warm people and would gladly help you even if they can’t speak English. They’re always ready to help especially when you’re lost. Me and my friend got lost on our way to the bus station (it was our first time going there and our first week in Uthai Thani, so it happened), and we tried to ask the locals at a certain curve; we actually just said “bus station?”. What they did next was motioned us to hop on their moped and drove us to the bus station. Next is the Sunday morning market where the whole road is closed for vendors and locals to buy foods, things, and clothes. It starts early in the morning and ends before noon. They always sell sweet corn which is btw my favorite so I have always the chance to buy them and I almost forgot, donuts.

Lou I loved my early morning or late afternoon bike rides. Uthai Thani has some amazing bike routes.

Russell-banner I like Uthai Thani because I met some good friends there. Plus it’s easy to find my way. I don’t get lost because it’s a small town.

Iñigo I have lived in Uthai Thani for a week only but planning to stay here for a year, who knows if it will be longer. What I like the most about Uthai Thani so far is Wat Sangkat Rattana Khiri, the temple on the top of the mountain. You need to climb up some stairs but the views from the top worth the effort. Perfect spot to watch the sun rise and the sun set. I also like the river side with all the floating houses, perfect place to go running! And there is a lively market every evening next to the river as well with lots of food, very nice!

Melanie Uthai Thani was a great place to end up in because it reminded me a lot of my small town in the middle of America. The people are friendly, it has some of the best food in Thailand and it is a place where you can either have fun, or just relax and enjoy life. If we drove by something on our motorbike we would mention it to a friend and go exploring. People were always so welcoming. There were difficulties that came along with living in Uthai Thani, but the most important thing to remember is just to assimilate to the culture. The things I miss the most about Uthai Thani are the friends I made there and the students that left such a huge impact in my life.

Francky I got settled in Uthai Thani in 2009. Prior to that I had already traveled to Thailand a few times. After I met the love of my life, I traveled to Thailand more frequent. The first time after 5 months, then every 3 months and eventually almost every 2 months. Considering that and the fact that the love for my Thai wife was too strong to leave her behind we decided that I should move to Thailand. I left cold, chilly and cool Belgium behind me, burned my bridges, to establish myself here in this beautiful, warm and friendly country with the woman of my dreams, in Uthai Thani. Uthai Thani is the town my wife lived as a child and grew up in. Every day the sunbeams, the rhythm of a gentle breeze and the musical tones of birds flapping who welcome you each time wake me up gently. Scents of various flowers and freshly prepared food and everyone smiling friendly at you greet you in a universal language. Everyone is always happy and in a good mood and make every day seem like a holiday, every time without any hassle. From 5 AM in the early morning everyone is already making your day. And they all keep smiling till late at night. They are all smiling 24/7! Here in Uthai Thani if you are in need people rush to help you. Uthai Thani is a wonderful, pretty town with the nicest people you have ever met, away from all the tourists, where the people are still human!

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