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Por Pun Art Cafe + Bar

Por-Pun-banner As a Belgian I can not not love Por Pun Art Cafe + Bar. It is the only place in Uthai Thani which has a variety of Belgian Beers. But I will gladly admit that is not the main reason why I like this place so much. Recently the owner changed the name to Por Pun Art Cafe + Bar. It used to be called Por Pun Cafe (it was only food, coffees and art back then).

A year ago it this place used to be Por Pun Studio. Porsch, the owner, is passionate about art and that shows. He decorated the place with pictures he took himself. It is a small place, but it doesn’t feel like that once you are inside. It’s very cosy and clean.

Porsch will gladly serve you in English. He’s always in a good mood, friendly, nice and up for a laugh.

The Thai food they serve has never disappointed me. In my opinion they have the best fried rice with pork in town. They make it with minced pork, I’m rather tired of the slices pork everybody adds in their Khao Phad Moo (fried rice with pork) so I love their variation of it. They also have some ‘farang’ food French fries, fried chicken and spaghetti with red sauce are a few of them.


I won’t kid myself , the wow factor to me has to be the variety of beers of course. They have a few Belgian ones. Kwak, Tripel Karmeliet, Gouden Carolus Classic and La Corne du Bois des Pendus Blonde are some of the Belgian beer he sells.

I liked this place before the beers, but this differentiates Por Pun from the other coffee shops in Uthai Thani. It is unique and I love it!


Por Pun Art Cafe + Bar is located near the public swimming pool and the post office. Click here for the directions on google maps.

Day Opening hours
monday - friday 10:30 - 23:30
saturday - sunday closed
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