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Nice House

nice-house-banner Nice House has been gone awhile, but they are back and they mean business! They used to be at a different location. Nice house moved, got bigger and better! The place is huge and beautiful.

I went to take a look during the day while it wasn’t open yet. The owner was very friendly and let me take a look around. The new Nice House has a more modern look and it feels more clean. You also feel more outside as opposed to their previous location. Luckily they have many vans because it can be hot at night sometimes.


They have new ‘normal’ toilets and sinks, which is a big deal if you are living in Uthai Thani. What is also very good is that they have a huge parking. Previously it was in the city centre and if you parked your car close to the bar you could never leave before closing time because all the motorbikes would block your car. But who am I kidding anyway, I never left before closing.

nice-house-band Former Uthai Thani MP Chada Thaiseth rocking it at Nice House!

Nice house has a big stage where live bands play up tempo music, which we don’t understand, but it’s all so catchy you’ll want to dance (might have been the alcohol though).

The only downside I have about this place is that it is a bit too loud for me. I don’t hear that well so it was very difficult to have a conversation with somebody. But that didn’t seem to bother that many people, so that might be just me.


Bad news if you are under 20 years old : you need to be at least 20 years old to enter Nice House.

I also have the feeling the waiters are faster and working more efficient than before. When my friends and I went it was crowded and we were served very quickly every time. So that made me very happy.

Nice house is open daily from 18h until midnight. It is located on the 3265 Boriruk Road in Tambon Uthai Mai, Amphoe Mueang Uthai Thani.

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