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Beer Box @ Uthai


banner-4 The Beer Box @ Uthai is a bar and bistro in Uthai Thani. It’s a modern European-style bar. The Beer Box is a clean and cosy place. I like the brick wall on the inside and the rooftop terrace, which is not very common in Uthai Thani, and the staff is very friendly.


They have a large variety of beverages. The regular beers are served in jars with handles. Kind of not done in Belgium, but everything they do in Thailand with beer is so wrong for us Belgians (ice in beer, using soft drink glasses, refilling the same glass all night long, no foam collar, … I could go on about it, but that would be my Belgian part of me nagging).

The Beer Box is a bistro therefore it has a smaller variety of dishes as opposed to restaurants, which in my opinion is a good thing. I’m not a fan of too many choices. What I love about their menu is the signature food and suggestions.

I took the liberty of translating it for all you farangs out here in Uthai Thani.

Click here for the English menu.

pork Grilled pork with dip sauce.

Opening hours : daily 17h-24h.

It’s located at the 333 Rakkarndee Road, Uthai Thani, close to the traffic lights at the hospital.


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