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Bannogrimna-banner Bannogrimna is definitely one of my favorite place to eat out in Uthai Thani. First I want to talk about the location. Bannogrimna is, like the name reveals (in Thai), in between the rice fields. There is plenty of parking space, because it can get really crowded there. Don’t be afraid if there are many people, the food is still served quite fast. The restaurant itself is this nice half open wooden building. In the middle of the place there is a pond where you can sit next to.


At the back there is a stage. Every night a live band plays music there. Not noisy but not the kind of background dinner music we foreigners are used to. It’s one of the better live bands in Uthai Thani to my opinion. We understand their english lyrics and you can still talk to each other while the band is playing. Enough said about the location and the atmosphere.


About the food , almost everything they make is really good. I’ve never had something I disliked or that wasn’t processed properly. The food is great! It’s delicious and it’s served pretty fast like almost every Thai restaurant. There is no logical order in which dish gets to the table first, but that’s also the same in every other Thai restaurant. I’m not complaining, it’s just funny.


The staff at Bannogrimna is very friendly. Some speak a bit English and they have an English menu, so you should be able to get what you want.

If you want to dine and have great Thai food this is the place I would really recommend.


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