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These are my personal favorite restaurants, bars and coffee shops in Uthai Thani.

Moom Sakae

Moom Sakea which means Sakea Corner is located at the daily freshmarket in the corner by the Sakae Krang River. It’s a brand new...

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Kanya is a new restaurant in the center of Uthai Thani. It quickly became one of my favorite restaurants. Kanya has a simple but...

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5 Best Noodle Dishes

Uthai Thani has much more noodle stalls than 7 elevens. I’ve tried enough to list a top 5 of the best noodle soups I’ve...

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Nice House

Nice House has been gone awhile, but they are back and they mean business! They used to be at a different location. Nice house...

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Bannogrimna is definitely one of my favorite places to eat out in Uthai Thani. First I want to talk about the location. Bannogrimna is,...

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Beer Box @ Uthai

The Beer Box @ Uthai is a bar and bistro in Uthai Thani. It’s a modern European-style bar. The Beer Box is a clean...

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Tha Pho

(Amphoe Nong Khayang)

I’ve been trying Pad Thai everywhere I go in Thailand. For the people who still don’t know, in every part of Thailand they have...

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Ma Chère

If you are in Uthai Thani and you’re not a big fan of the thai desserts, like me, and you do feel like having...

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