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Ban ObOun dog shelter

ban-oboun-banner1 Ban ObOun is a dog shelter founded by Michèle Bise, a Swiss expat, and Sombut Singkaew, a retired teacher from Uthai Thani. Ban ObOun, which means loving home or warm nest is the end of the line for dogs who became victims of road accidents or were abused by humans. The rescued dogs are given a final permanent home in which they receive the proper care they deserve and lots of affection.


The first time I met Michèle one of the dogs recently passed. The tears in her eyes showed me these dogs are very dear to her. You can sense her passion when she talks about giving the dogs a better life. It is admirable how she and the other caretakers devote their life to improving that of the dogs who were mistreated, sick, abandoned, hurt or disabled. It takes a lot of energy, time and money to take care of these little bundles of joy. Energy and time is not an issue in this case, but money doesn’t grow in trees, so this is were Ban ObOun needs your help.

Dog Food


Clearly the dogs are well fed. Providing food is not really a problem. Ban ObOun gratefully accepts dog food but they are lucky enough to receive donation of food from a few dog food brands.

Health care


Health Care is the biggest cost for Ban ObOun. Some dogs need medical care, old dogs need medication and all males are being neutered and vaccinated against rabies. Sometimes the veterinarian bills are so high it is difficult to make ends meet.

Meet some of the dogs


This is Milo. Milo was found in the garbage. Somebody cut him with a sharp object and left him in a bag with the garbage to die. I can’t believe how cruel and heartless some people can be. Milo was lucky enough to be found by Sombut. He was recued, taken care of and is now part of the Ban ObOun family. Milo is now suffering from the tumor on his ear. He needs surgery to remove the lump.


This is Nong Chon. Whether Nong Chon is disabled because of a car accident or whether he was born this way is unknown, but in his condition he would have been a road accident victim very fast. He now skips happily on his hind legs like a little kangaroo at the safe environment in Ban ObOun.


This is Danchang. Danchang was found on the streets of Dan Chang as her name reveals. She is most likely hit by a car/bike which left her with a deformed jaw bone and missing a tooth. But she is having the last laugh as she was lucky enough to be found by Michèle and adopted into the loving family.



I can’t stress enough how important it is to donate to these kind of non profit organisations. Every donation goes entirely to the welfare of the dogs. Even the smallest donations are much appreciated. Please help out if you have a heart for animals.

Ban ObOun is a certified foundation.

Click here to navigate to the Ban ObOun website to donante with PayPal.

Or use a bank transfer through one of these accounts :

Account info In Thailand
Account Name Ban ObOun Foundation
Account No. 396 075152 1
Bank Bangkok Bank, Nongchang branch
Account info In Switzerland
Account Name The Swiss Friends of the Ban Oboun shelter in Thailand
Account No. L 5328.45.94
IBAN CH26 0076 7000 L532 8459 4
Bank Banque Cantonale Vaudoise, Lausanne
Bank Address c/o Mme Dominique Brustlein, Ch. du Bornalet 6, 1066 Epalinges

Contact BanObOun

Ban ObOun Info
Tel (+66)08-6926-3363


Ban BoOun can always use a helping hand. Do you want to help out on site? Read more about volunteering…

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