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Wat Thap Than

wat thap than

Wat Thap Than is an ancient temple located at Thap Than,in the Uthai Thani province. It was built in 1897. The highlight of the building (the doors) is kept intact.

left door right door

The left door pictures a yak. A yak is an important element in Thai temple art and architecture. It is common as guardians of the gates in Buddhist temples. If you look closely you’ll see birds and dragons carved above it. Under the yak you’ll see a picture with elephants in it. It is the sign for the reign anniversary of king Bhumibol (Rama IX) of his 50th year as king of Thailand.

The right one pictures a guardian, protecting the temple, standing on a giant snake, a kind of small dragon. The guardian is holding an arrow and bow.

Both carved doors, using the typical red and golden colors, with mosaic surrounding it are really beautiful.


The facade is a little too damaged for me to recognize the creatures sculpture on it. Maybe you’ll have better eyes, my apologies.

new temple1 new temple2

The ancient temple is not the only thing you’ll see at wat thap than. There is also a newer temple built next to it.


A school is situated behind the new temple.

spirit house

This spirit house is believed to have good spirits to protect the school next to it.

The gates are open from 6 am untill 5 pm.

Address : Rural Road Uthai Thani 3086, Tambon Taluk Du, Amphoe Thap Than, Chang Wat Uthai Thani 61120

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