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Trok Rong Ya Walking Street Uthai Thani

walking-street-banner Every saturday night there is a walking street in Trok Rong Ya in Uthai Thani. If you hope to find a walking street like in Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket, you’ll be very disappointed.

It used to be the place in Uthai Thani where people came to smoke opium. Don’t expect to find opium. Again, you will be disappointed. Fifty years ago it became illegal and it slowly developed into this market.

Nowadays it’s a walking street market where you can buy a bunch of things like shoes, clothes, hats, books, jewelry, … Ofcourse you can also buy prepared food and refreshing drinks there.


There is an area provided for children to sit at tables and play or colour.


The saturday night market is every saturday from 16:00 until 21:00 close to the daily fresh market by the river at the round about where they have put a donald duck on.

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