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Songkran or the Thai New Year’s festival is a 3 day festival on the 13th, 14th and 15th of April. The 13th of April is Maha Songkran Day, the day that marks the end of the old year (wich is comparable with New Year’s Eve). The 14th of April is called Wan Nao or “Family Day”. The 15th of April is Wan Thaloeng Sok which is marked as the first day of the new year.

Making merit

Traditionally Thai Buddhists begin the songkran celebration with merit-making in the morning. The monks bless the people to have a good new year. Food is offered to the monks. After the monks' ceremony is finished the locals will share food and drinks and feast together.

Later they will visit their family. Elderly and parents will be respected by their children and grandchildren by pouring scented water over their hands. The Elderly and parents wish them good health, happiness and prosperity in return. This tradition is called “Rod Nam Dam Hua” which means pouring water over the hair. In the old days people used to wash the elderly, including their hair, to wash the bad demons and bad luck away. Nowadays that tradition changed to pouring scented water over the hands.


Fun Fact

Although Songkran is Thai traditional New year, it is still the year 2559 (2016) after Songkran. The year changes on 1 January like in every other country.

Water splashing

Of course there is no songkran without water splashing. People dressed in colorful clothing watch the parade and splash and spray water all over each other. Elderly, adults, adolescents and kids all play with water guns together. It’s a huge water fight which everybody wins in my opinion cause it’s so hot during this time of the year.

songkran There is a lot of "Go spray water on the farangs!”

talk There is a lot of “let’s smear talc on the farangs!”

songkran-pose There is a lot of “let’s go on a picture with the farangs!”

water-1 But it’s all good, cause there is lots and lots of water to keep our heads cool.

Happy Thai New Year everybody , Sawadee Pie My!!!!

This was Songkran in 2016 (2559) in Uthai Thani.

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