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Pha Rom Yen Waterfall

Pha Rom Yen waterfall or ‘Namtok Pha Rom Yen’ is in my opinion the most beautiful waterfall in Uthai Thani.


For us, as we can’t read Thai and all the signs were written in Thai, it was a bit of a pain in the ass to find Pha Rom Yen waterfall. But all the cursing and getting nervous was immediately forgotten when we saw the beauty of Pha Rom Yen waterfall.


There is where we entered the high grass.

After an hour searching in and asking people the road, we finally saw some car parked in a curve of the road where there was nothing else, so we figured they were also visiting Pha Rom Yen waterfall. We were in luck, after walking into the high grass we found a bridge that lead to a stairway.


As we climbed the first I was seriously doubting we were on the right track, because we had to cross the water to get to the other stairway. We did get across over the rocks and the water wasn’t deep there.


After climbing to the first level we heard the sound of the upper level. When we went up between the 2nd level and the 3th we were amazed. It was extremely beautiful.I couldn’t believe I had been in this province for so many times and never saw this stunning waterfall.


I’ve read on some sites you could swim there, so we were wearing our swimming suits. Good thing we did, because you get pretty wet at the 3th and the 4th level. But if you are looking for a swim, you will get disappointed. You can bath, but not swim. The stairs to level 4 is very steep and the rocks upstairs are very slippery. Be careful if you want to go close to the waterfall. Don’t go looking at the cliff, because you actually can fall off.

How get there as a farang: Go to Amphoe Ban Rai (Uthai Thani), take Highway No. 3011 (Ban Rai-Phu Bon) in Ban Rai, drive to Ban Mai Rom Yen. Take the Rural Road 4004. There is a sign in a curve, but it is written in Thai. You can also see traditional clothing hanging in a tree.


If you drive all the way up the mountain, you will find a rest point. You can clearly see the waterfall from there. If you find yourself there, you should drive back down.

There are no opening hours, but be sure to be out there before sunset, because it can be a bit dangerous to walk down in the dark.

These pictures above are taken in October (the end of rainy season).

Or view my video about Pha Rom Yen on YouTube.

These pictures are taken in February. It’s still beautiful, but there is less water.: Pha-Rom-Yen-less-water

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