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Khao Pathawi


Khao Pathawi, in Tambon Taluk Du (Uthai Thani), is a mountain with a range of 750 meters long and a height of 253 meters. When you arrive there, you have to drive through the gate of the temple. You immediately see the stunning mountain in the back and the statues of monkeys on the fence.


If you are scared of monkeys, I advise you not to go there. If you don’t like monkeys just don’t bring food. If you do like them, bring bananas, popcorn, rice, or anything they can eat. They’ll eat right off your hands.


Watch out with your valuables, the monkeys are used to stealing food as well, they might think your purse is a bag of food. I love the monkeys. I’ve been visiting them ever since I was little. As long as your children don’t taunt the monkeys it is safe for them to visit the mountain as well.


In the mountain there should be approximately 30 caves, large and small. Stone tools and pre-historic human skeletons have also been uncovered in the area. I haven’t found more than 10 caves, but it might be me. I’m too distracted by the monkeys. You can’t miss this cave with the buddha statues though.

Khao-Pathawi-cave cave3

There is also a large stairway leading up to a buddha statue (the buddha image for monday). If you are to lazy to climb all those stairs just to see the buddha statue, I can tell you the view is also very nice. It’s a nice cool temperature, because it is surrounded by many trees.


If you like climbing, feel free to do so, nobody will stop you. Just be safe, I don’t want to provoke anybody doing something stupid. A little bouldering with common sense should be harmless.


Khao Pathawi mountain is open to visitors from 6.00 am-7.00 pm daily.

Address : It’s on Rual Road 4003 in Taluk Du, Uthai Thani. Click here for the Google Maps destination.

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