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Kaeng Sao Noi Waterfall


Kaeng Sao Noi Waterfall is a small waterfall in Uthai Thani. It’s not well known and there is not much about it online. Everytime I drove to Cyber Waterfall I passed a sign that said Kaeng Sao Noi Waterfall, so I had to check that out.


After following this sign there is no other direction sign. At the intersection keep right. Drive straight forward to a very big parking. By very big I mean ridiculously big!

To go to Kaeng Sao Noi Waterfall you need to walk to the end of the parking and go left (keep the grass on your right hand side). You will find a path in the grass which leads to the waterfall. On the side of the path there is a lot of garbage. It’s a shame to find this piece of nature soiled. Somebody should put a trash can on the parking. Luckily it is more clean at the waterfall.


Because it was such a small waterfall, I wasn’t much excited and climbed over the rocks to take a look around the place. I crossed the stream and once I was located behind the waterfall I found it very beautiful there.


I love places where you feel like you are alone. There was a big open space in the middle of beautiful nature. I was surrounded by rocks, water and plants. It’s very much in contrast to the soiled path I had just to walk trough.

I wouldn’t recommend somebody to only go to Kaeng Sao Noi Waterfall, but I would recommend to check it out if you are going to Cyber Waterfall. Kaeng Sao Noi Waterfall is about 5 to 10 minutes away from Cyber Waterfall. If you would go there please don’t litter!

There is no entrance fee at Kaeng Sao Noi Waterfall Uthai Thani.

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