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Ban Samo Thong Hot Spring


Ban Samo Thong Hot Spring is a beautiful piece of nature. The hot spring itself exists of 3 springs if I understood the man how voluntarily gave some background information. You can see it steem and when you get closer you can feel that it’s hot. To be honest the hot spring did not impress me that much. Maybe because I was expecting more of it or maybe because of the nature surrounding it was breathtaking.


The water surrounding Ban Samo Thong Hot Spring has this peaceful vibe. I enjoyed sitting at the waterside and admired the view. There were very few fisherman on the lake and in the distance you can see mountains, which made the view even more idyllic.


During the weekends there is a mineral bath available for tourists. You can sit and relax and enjoy the view upon the river and nature surrounding you or you can have a little swim. I’m sure it’s clean, because I went during the week and they were cleaning the bath very thoroughly.


If all of that doesn’t meet your expectations yet there is a 20 metre high Buddha statue sitting right in the centre of the place. You can’t miss it. The Buddha is sitting in the pose of “Calling the Earth to Witness”. He is touching the ground with the right hand. The Buddha sits in a common meditation pose with both legs in the double lotus posture, were the Buddha’s legs are crossed over one another. The meaning of this Buddha statue is believed to be ‘to Never give Up and to keep trying when you believe in the righteousness of something’.


You can rent a bungalow at Ban Samo Thong Hot Spring if you like to enjoy this peaceful place in Uthai Thani a little longer. There is a restaurant next to the water and you can enjoy separate mineral foot baths across the restaurant. It’s a beautiful place. I really enjoyed my visit there.


It’s open daily from 08.00h until 18.00h.

Address : Ban Samo Thong, Tambon Thong Lang, Amphoe Huai Khot, Uthai Thani.

How to get there : From Ban Rai, take Highway No.3282 (Amphoe Ban Rai-Amphoe Huai Khot. After about 40 km turn right to Ban Wang Yang Samo Thong and follow that road for about another 25 km.

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