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Flea Market

flea-market-Uthai-Thani-banner The flea market takes place 3 days a week on wednesday, friday and sunday from about 16:00 h until about 20:00 h. In Uthai Thani the market is called ‘Talat nat khlong thom’ or ตลาดนัดคลองถม in Thai. This market owes its name to the Khlong Thom Market of Bangkok, because it is similar to the market in the the Khlong Thom area in Bangkok. The flea market of Uthai Thani is located near the bus station and the Huay Kha Khaeng Jeshthasilpa Hotel.

You probably already know there is no Thai market without food. Not only can you buy a lot of fresh ingredients, but of course there also is a wide range of ready to eat food.


Like on any Thai market you can buy lots of cheap tasty fresh fruit.


There are many special but tasty desserts to be found there.


It wouldn’t be a flea market if they don’t sell a bit of everything. There is a huge variety of merchandises. For example shoes, clothes, car parts, knives, and so on…


What makes the market even look more crowded and busy than it already is, are inflatable castles. The kids run around like they are high on sugar. But I guess that is because there is no playground in town and they go crazy because of it is an overload of fun.


I think the flea market is the biggest and most crowded market in Uthai Thani. The flea market takes place on wednesday, friday and sunday from about 16:00 h until about 20:00 h. There are many umbrellas who provide shade. If you are taller than the average Thai person, mind your head. The market is a party for your taste buds, so make sure to pay it a visit!

Click here for the Google Maps directions to the Uthai Thani flea market.

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