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End of Lent Show and Dinner


Wan oak Phansa or วันออกพรรษา in Thai is the celebrated three lunar months after Khao Phansa. Wan oak Phansa occurs in october. It is a public holiday to celabrates the last day of Buddist Lent.

In Uthai Thani Wan Oak Phansa is celebrated with a big traditional dinner and show at Wat Sangkat Rattana Khiri, the same place as Tak Bat Dewo is held the day after Wan oak Phansa.

Tickets for the dinner and show are 1500 Baht for 6 people. We sat completely at the last row, but it was close enough to enjoy the show.

My husband and a few of our foreign friends attended the dinner and show with me. I was a little bit afraid that the food would be too traditional for us foreigners to enjoy, but it was very good and there was a huge variety. It was nice to experience a traditional Thai style dinner.


We didn’t understand everything of what was going on on stage. Broadly I knew what it was about. They act out the Lord Buddha showing of heaven, hell and earth for all to see. The show was spectacular.


Always bring mosquito spray and an umbrella as it usually rains around this time of the year.


Overall it was a great experience and I think me and my husband will attend the dinner and show every year.

Wan Oak Phansa was celebrated on the 27th october in 2015. It was cancelled in 2016 due to The Kings passing.

Keep in mind that there will be no alcohol sales during this day.

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