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Cyber Waterfall


Cyber Waterfall / Ciber Waterfall is sometimes also written as Sai Bor Waterfall / Chai Boer Waterfall or in Thai Namtok Hin Lat. The waterfall is surrounded by the the nature of Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary in Uthai Thani. The water comes from the western mountain of the nature reserve. While you walk up though unspoiled nature you will find a medium-sized waterfall that drops down several levels before splashing on the boulders below.


Walking up upon rocks, over tree trunks, between dense forest is kind of exciting itself already. On your way up to the waterfall you will also find several interesting creatures.

We did not get all the way up to the waterfall, because it started pouring rain. We will return to take pictures of the waterfall. Will be continued…(read below)

There will be a lot of water during the months September untill early November. Note that there is no food service, guests must provide their own supplies.


We went back to Uthai Thani’s Cyber Waterfall in october and it was really worth the effort. Like I said before, there was more water than the first time we visited the waterfall. This time we went all te way up to the waterfall. When we saw it from a few meters, we thought we had reached the endpoint. Luckily my dad started to climb more into the forest and we got to a point where we could cross the water.(Below you can find a short video where you can see where we crossed the water.)


I’m not telling you to do what we did, because the water was really strong when we returned. But use your common sense and see for yourself if the water is strong or not, especially if you visit during the rainy season. If you can cross the water, you can watch this beautiful sight from very close.

Cyber-waterfall-cross-river Use your common sense and see for yourself if the water is strong or not


View my short video about Cyber Waterfall here :

Or view my short movie about Cyber Waterfall On YouTube.

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