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Big Tree


If you drive to Wat Tham Khao Wong in Ban Rai, Uthai Thani, you’ll pass a sign that says ‘Big tree’. If you think that’s not worth to make a small detour, you’re wrong. I passed it the first time and thought that detour would be just a waste of time. I did keep thinking how big could this tree be if they put a sign on the mainroad.

The second time I passed the sign I couldn’t resist. I followed the signs. It led me to a safari-like road. When I drove through a bumpy road surrounded by palm trees I got a glimpse of the big tree. It’s really huge!


It’s believed to be a giant holy tree. People who come to visit it would be people with a happy life. The tree is about 300 to 400 years old, according to the information banner next to the tree…who knows how long that banner has been there. It also says to grateful and love your parents. I asked my mother to translate this, so she might have made that up. That’s a joke mom, thanks for your help. On the sign you’re also asked to remember the bases of merit and to wish the tree a long life.

If you don’t believe all of this, please do pay respect to the tree and those who believe anyway. I’m not writing all of this so people can make crazy pictures in front of this holy tree. Please do behave properly.


As closing the information banner says ‘Be happy and have a safe trip home.’ I would like to wish you the same.

You can visit the tree anytime of any day. There’s no entrance fee. You can donate to the gift box. The donations are probably used for subsistence of the tree. I’m not 100% sure, but it’s most likely.

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