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Required documents for a Marriage Visa


This is the content of checklist we got at Nakhon Sawan Immigration Office with some extra information I got which might help you.

Please note that the applicant must obtain a “NON-IMMIGRANT VISA” type “O” first!

The requirements for getting a marriage visa :

  1. Application form TM.7
  2. Copy of passport (bio-data page, visa page, arrival stamp page and TM.6 = departure card)
  3. Two 2 inch photo’s (for form TM.7) = 4 cm on 6 cm
  4. 1,900 THB Fee
    1. The update bank passbook on the date of submission of application showing money in the account of not less than 400,000 Baht which has been deposited and already held of such amount for 2 months. (on the applicant’s name, on a joint account there needs to be 800,000 Baht. To update : you can deposit or withdraw a small amount)
    2. Letter from the bank certified the current account in the bank of not less than 400,000 Baht (max 7 days old) (Click here for an example)
    3. OR Letter from the applicant’s Embassy or Consulate in Thailand verify the pension or other income of the applicant which must not be less than 40,000 Baht per month (use in 30 days) I don’t have experience with this.
  5. Marriage certificate (Click here to see how we got our marriage registered in Thailand)
  6. ID Card of the Thai spouse
  7. A census or a house registration document of the Thai spouse
  8. A census or a house registration document of your child (I don’t have experience with this)
  9. Birth certificate of your child (I don’t have experience with this)
  10. Four different photos of your family and house (wife & husband) (Only you and your spouse in front of the house or/and in and around the house, 4 different places color printed on photo paper and cut out)
  11. A house Map. Directions to find house location (Not printed from google maps or computer made, must be drawn. They will really use this to find your house.)

All document must be presented in duplicate, accept for number 11. They only require 4 pictures of the two of you.

Click here to read my story about getting my husband’s visa. What to do and what not to do.

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