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Mother's day

Mothers-day-banner Mother’s day is a national Thai holiday. As opposed to other countries Mother’s day in Thailand is celebrated on the Queen’s birthday. Her Majesty The Queen Sirikit is born on 12 August 1932.

As Her Majesty the Queen’s birthday was on a friday people will be dressed in light blue and Her Majesty The Queen’s personal flag (light blue flag with Royal Cypher with on top of it the Great Crown of Victory) will be exposed to celebrate Mother’s day in Thailand.


Traditionally children offer their mother jasmine flowers which symbolises motherhood. It is very common that schools host a Mother’s Day ceremony. Students spend weeks practising for this even. Children kneel at their mother’s feet to pay respect and thank her for everything she has done.

Thais often take their mother to dinner, but as we live in Uthai Thani that is not a very common or big thing here. Most of the people go to the big clock where a traditional ceremony is held at 19:00 . Most people wear light blue.

Like every other royal ceremony there’s a big stage and people offer gifts on stage. Followed by a performance of traditional Thai dancing on Thai traditional music.


After the performance everybody lights a candle and the Royal anthem of Thailand will be played. People proudly sing along to show their respect.


Of course we had to be reminded that we live in Uthai Thani with crazy and scary fireworks very close to the crowd. But nobody got injured and it was a beautiful ceremony. Long Live Her Majesty Queen Sirikit beloved mother of the Thai Nation!

mother-s-day People pose on the beautiful stage - Children who performed Thai traditional dancing

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