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Asanha Bucha Day

Asanha Bucha Day (sometimes written Asarnha Bucha Day or Asalha Bucha Day and อาสาฬหบูชา in Thai) is also know as Asalha Puja Day or Dhamma Day in other countries.

On the full moon day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar (generally in July or August) is Asanha Bucha Day which is a public holiday. On this day more than 2500 years ago the Lord Buddha delivered his first preach. His first sermon was symbolized as a wheel called Dhammacakka. The Dhammacakka (also called the Wheel of Life, the Wheel of Law or the Wheel of Doctrine) is found on the yellow flag that is the symbol of Buddhism in Thailand.


On Asanha Bucha Day many Thai will go to their parents or ancestors house. As on most Thai religion events the Thai Buddhists go Tham Bun (which means make merit or ทำบุญ in Thai) in their local temple in the morning. They will listen to sermons and will be reminded to keep The Five Precepts or The Eight Precepts. Thai Buddhists offer food and alms to monks in their alms bowl and give donations to the temples. Some Thai Buddhists will wear white robes and stay in the temple for days to meditate.

Alms bowls.

In the evening on Asarnha Bucha Day Thai Buddhists will walk around the temple 3 times carrying candles, incense stick and fold Lotus flowers, which will later be offered to the Lord Buddha.

Asanha-Bucha-Lotus flower Fold Lotus flowers.

There will be no alcohol sales this day as it is one of the The Five Precepts.

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