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Winter in Thailand

I’ve always said Thailand’s ‘cold’ season is still hot, but I need to take that back. It’s been so cold the last few days. I never thought it was possible to witness temperatures under 15 C° in Thailand.


I’ve always laughed with people who asked me if they should take a sweater on their holiday trip to Thailand and now I’m wearing one myself. I’m not going to complain about it, because I know it’s only for a few days and in a month I’m probably sweating like a pig again.


I went to the market just to see how people are handling the cold, but there were only a few people outside. Most of them were laughing with my husband and me, because even the Farangs are cold.


I know it’s too cold for everybody and people are getting sick, but I like sleeping without the air conditioning and I enjoyed a hot chocolate. So I’m gonna try to enjoy it while I can, because it will be very hot very soon.

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