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I haven’t been able to post a lot lately, but we had so many visitors. I’m especially really happy because my brother in law Tim decided to visit us and fly over here.

He actually only wanted to see Uthai Thani where we live, but we kind of forced him to visit Bangkok and Pattaya as well. He had never been in Thailand at all and the most people who visit Thailand only see the touristic parts. As I wanted him to be able to compare touristic Thailand with authentic Thailand I convinced him to stay 2 days in Bangkok and 2 days in Pattaya.

His first day in Bangkok we ate at Ros'ni. After that we got ourselves pretty drunk at The Pintsman on Silom Road.


The second day we went to watch the football game of Chelsea vs Thailand. It was a beautiful tribune, but a rather boring game as obviously Chelsea was showing mercy to the home country of its sponsor Singha Corporation Co.,Ltd .

At this game he experienced a funny spelling mistakes in english for the first time.


That evening we ended up in Khao San road, like many other tourists getting drunk while bar hopping.


The next day we left for Pattaya. In Pattaya we dove in our rooftop swimming pool with some beers and didn’t get out of there before we were getting a bit hungry. We went for dinner to Patrick’s Belgian Restaurant. After a good dinner we went to the Walking Street.


The next day was Visakha Bucha Day (the most important day for Buddhism, the birth, the enlightenment and the passing away of Buddha) so at midnight they closed walking street. I never thought they would, or even would be able to, close the whole walking street, but they did.

We celebrated Visakha Bucha Day in our rooftop swimming pool in Pattaya and went for diner to Mays Urban Thai Dine because we know it is great food if you need to be introduced to Thai food or if you can’t handle spicy food.

The next day we drove to Uthai Thani. Before we got home we stopped at the BeerBox for a beer and a snack. I asked for less spicy but it was still too spicy for Tim (that’s what we call ‘a flat sparrow’).


Our next days in Uthai Thani were pretty chill. We visited Wat Tha Sung and fed the fish.

golden-castel-wat-tha-sung wat-tha-sung-1

Ate the best Phad Thai in Thailand in Tha Pho, Uthai Thani. Toey

We had a day trip to Cyber Waterfall, Uthai Thani.


On saturday we went to the walking street or saturday night market of Uthai Thani and had a party at our house. It was Juventus vs Barcelona that night so we invited some family and friends (who are teaching English in Uthai Thani) to watch the game at our house.


His last week here we took Tim to Suphan Buri. We went to Bung Chawak Zoo and made it an enjoyable trip.


The remaining days we went to Fedfe twice in a row and just spend our days together in Uthai Thani.

The last day the boys decided to play ping pong.


Which I thought was a very bad idea in the heat, so I made them play beer pong instead…which turned out to be an even worse idea.


But overall I think we may conclude, Thailand suits Tim.

Thanks for the visit brother! We had a great time with you! temple

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