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The surprise

My husband and I found out I was pregnant in the beginning of November 2016. We’ve actually been trying, not really trying, since February 2015. As I had an IUS (intrauterine system) for 8 years it’s quite normal it took us so “long”. I’d get my periode every 3 months or so, but I’ll spare you all the details, let’s just keep it at “it’s normal it took us this long”.

My parents were on a visit and I didn’t know where to start so I told my parents about it and my mother helped me get to a gynecologist. I wouldn’t know how to say that in Thai and I didn’t know if he/she could speak English. Luckily the gynecologist in my hospital in Nakhon Sawan (province next to Uthai Thani, about 45 min from our home) speaks English quite well. I had to convince my mother not to tell anybody yet. In Belgium it is custom to wait for 3 months to tell everybody since it is the most crucial phase. In the first 3 months you have the highest chance for things to go wrong. In Thialand on the other hand it is quite normal to tell everybody immidiately, so I had some convincing to do but luckely she respected our wishes quite fast.

I lied to our friends about not drinking and made up some stupid excuses. I love our friends, but honestly they are all freaking naive. At a party at 2,5 months (half december) one of our friends told me he noticed I was pregnant so we decided to tell all of our expat friends who were there.

My husband wanted to tell his family our good news so badly for a while, but I convinced him to tell everybody in person and booked a ticket to Belgium. Besides my parents we didn’t tell anybody we were coming. Not his familie not mine, none of our friends, nobody!


Flying back to Belgium has never been this exciting. We laughed in the plane that this might be our craziest surprise until now, but it felt so good. Arriving in Belgium we started with going to my husband’s parents without notifiying them. They were confused, surpriced and happy at the same time. It was snowing so I wore a thick jacket. None of his parents noticed my belly untill I took off my coat. My mother in law immediately started crying, tears of joy of course. After having lunch with them my mother in law tricked my husband’s brothers into visiting their house so we could surprise them too. The next days we kind of surprise visited family and friends. It was exhausting, but totally worth it.


Looking back I’m pretty proud of us for keeping it a secret that long and very happy we decided to tell everybody in person. It will take a while before we are able to fly back anyway so I’m glad we visited our family and friends in Belgium.

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