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Thai driver's license

banner-8 I’m happy to say I’ve got my Thai driver’s license today!

Now my mother is here in Uthai Thani, I asked her to come to city hall with me to ask how I can get my Thai driver’s license. We went there with my international driver’s license, my Thai ID and my ‘tabien baan’ (Thai house registration and resident book). The official told us to get a medical check up and bring copies of my Thai ID and my international driver’s license.

My mother and I went to a doctor and asked for the document. It cost me 50 baht and in 5 minutes I had the needed document. The doctor said I would have to take an eye test at the examination centre at city hall.

Back at city hall the biggest challenge was to write my name correctly in Thai. The other test were not that difficult. There was a traffic light in the room. I had to say which color of light (green, yellow/orange or red) was showing. I was permitted to say it in English.

Then I was seated in a chair for a brake test. Hit the green pedal when the green light was showing and hit the brake fast and hard when the red light showed up.

After that I had to move a stick in a box with a remote control. There were 2 sticks in the box and I had to move one completely to the back and then replace it parallel back next to the motionless stick. I didn’t understand what the point of this was, but I did a good enough job to pass me on this part of the exam. The official sat me down in a chair for a picture. As I was wearing a sleeveless t-shirt my mother gave me her vest. I still don’t get the hang out of the ‘not-smiling-but-smiling-with-your-eyes’, so my picture looks awful, but whatever I have my Thai driver’s license. I’m happy!


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