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I’ve been having problems making appointments with Thai companies. Not only because they seem not to be as punctual as we Belgians are, but also because I’m having difficulties understanding their clock system. Even Though I speak some Thai and of course I understand the numbers, it’s still difficult do understand the time of an appointment.

I’ve tried to recapitulate what they are saving and applying the 24 hour clock, but they just always give me a blank stare. So it happened a few times that I had to sit home all day because I didn’t understand the time of the appointment.

Around here they might even show up a day before or after the appointment, but even so I think it would be helpful for me to learn the 6 hour terms they use. I’ve made a Dutch phonetic version as well, because we mispronounce it if we’d use the English phonetic version.

It helps me to understand the time of an appointment a bit more. Hopefully it might help somebody else as well. Else I’ve wasted half an hour (Thai: ครึ่งชั่วโมง , English pronunciation: Khrụ̀ng chạ̀wmong, fonetisch Nederlands : khrung sjemoong) of my day making this table.

Click here for the table.

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