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Sri Udom Orphanage

banner-orph My cousin, Tina Ermgodts, and her family gave me money to use for any good cause. Karin Van Nuffelen and her family gave me childrens cloths to donate to the ones who need it. It seemed like a good idea to me to donate both to an orphanage.

It was not that easy to find an orphanage because the ones I could find in English are being well sponsored and have no need for second hand clothes. After a while I found the Greenway project online. It’s a project which depends on volunteers. They have an orphanage in In Buri, Singburi.

There’s probably more orphanages than I know of, but I’m glad with the choice I made. Sri Udom Orphanage, the Greenway orphanage, is located in a small subdistrict called Chi Nam Rai next to the temple Sri Udom.

It was a bit hard to find without any guidance or address. We called Phil, a Scottish program manager of the Greenway project. He gladly explained me how to get there, but I’m a woman, I can’t remember a whole route in unknown territory. As I knew I would not get to the place by following instructions on the phone. I drove to the post office, mailmen know their way everywhere. I asked the mailmen how to get there. They kindly drew me a map and that map got me there without any trouble. So postmen of In Buri, if you would read this, I did not get lost thanks to you guys. Thank you!

map The map the postmen gave me. I added the verbal instructions I’ve got from them. Maybe you’ll need the map too if you’d like to visit the orphanage by yourself too.

When we arrived at the orphanage an educator immediately asked how he could help us. We handed over the money and the clothes for the children. They were willing to put that on a picture. The children all looked very happy and you could tell they love their educators. They are definitely doing a good job!

hand Thank you Tina Ermgodts & Erik, Annelien and Emelie Wilms for donating money!

Thank you Karin Van Nuffelen and her daughters for donating clothes!

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