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Rainy season

rainy season I knew the rainy season was roughly from July to October, but it feels like it just started to get worse (it’s september now, for people reading this later). I can’t visit the places I wanted to show you all, because I need good weather for that. So in the rainy season my focus will be on the recipes. My husband doesn’t seem to mind that at all. I love cooking (and eating) so I don’t mind either.

Today I made one of my mother’s recipes. My cousins and my mother can’t seem to agree on the name of the dish, so I’ve called it ‘marinated fried pork’. I do realize there are many thai ways to marinate pork. But I’m telling you my mothers recipe is the best! Check it out by clicking here.

For us, living here, the rainy season is not too bad. It cools down a little because of the rain. For tourists I wouldn’t recommend visiting Thailand in september. I’ll keep you updated if I have to change my point of view.

During the rainy season you’ll find me in my kitchen. rsz_wp_20140902_17_35_05_glamme_elegance

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