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Marriage-visa-stamp-banner After a lot of paperwork and figuring out the requirements we finally got the Marriage visa for my husband. I’ve read on a lot of forums there are many people struggling to understand what they need so I’ve clarified the checklist we’ve got from Nakhon Sawan Immigration.

We had the biggest hassle with the registration of our marriage in Thailand, because we got married in Belgium before we moved to Thailand.

But other than that it went great besides from some rookie mistakes we made. These were the mistakes we made :

  • I did not understand what they meant with the letter certified from the bank. I literally asked the bank to certify a print I made from my account summary.
  • I used pictures with other family members in the picture with us and I printed it on regular paper
  • I used a google maps print out as ‘house directions’
  • I forgot to do a withdraw/deposit from my account on the day we went to apply
  • I used our joint account instead of my husbands private account

After they approve our application they said somebody was going to check up at our house. The people who came to check called us first to make an appointment to visit. What nobody told us is that you need a neighbour who can confirm that we really live together. We thought that won’t be a problem, because we have a lot of nice neighbours. But apparently a lot of Thai citizens don’t rush to get their paperwork in order. All our neighbours had either their ID card or their tabien Baan Thor.Ror.14 (proof of address) on their previous address. So the people who had to check that, had to visit us a second time, but they were friendly both times and did not blame us anything.

A few weeks later somebody of the Immigration Bureau called us to pick up the visa. We brought my husband’s passport to Immigration Nakhon Sawan. They added the required stamps and we were all set. He now can stay until september 2016, but needs to report every 90 days.

If you fully understand what documents they require to approve your Marriage Visa for Thailand it is not that difficult. But the people working at the Immigration in Nakhon Sawan are very friendly, that is an advantage too.

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