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A few weeks ago our friend Ruud (aka Lord) visited us again. He has visited us last year too. Click here to read about his trip of last year.

This time we started 2 days in Bangkok. Nothing special. Just good food, lots of drinks and getting denied to enter Route 66, because my husband was wearing flip flops (not the plastic but the expensive ones).

Then we went 3 days to Pattaya. Same concept : great food, lots of drinks and some bowling. We also went to Koh Larn. Not much a fan of Koh Larn, but it was cheap and easy to go to.

koh-larn A one day trip from Pattaya to Koh Larn.

After our trip to Pattaya we went to Uthai Thani for some days. In Uthai Thani we went out to the Beerbox and Fedfe. Last year when Ruud visited us the Beerbox did not exist yet.

uthai Left : spirits degustation. Right : BeerBox. bucket Sharing is caring.

He had seen a lot in Uthai Thani already last year. We went looking for Kaeng Sao Noi Waterfall together as we all had not seen it yet. It wasn’t spectacular, but we all liked the scenery. After looking around a bit we went for a swim in Cyber waterfall (it’s right next to it). There Ruud slipped and fell on his ass. To bad I didn’t bring my phone to catch that on photo.


At the end of his stay we went to Phitsanulok to see the waterfalls on Highway no 12. The boys saw 3 and I saw 4 waterfalls, because of the Farang entrance price. Kaeng Sopha Waterfall wasn’t worth the visit yet, so they didn’t miss out on anything.


We drove to further Phetchabun to see Wat Pha Sorn Kaew. It’s really an incredible piece of art. It was the second time I’ve visited it and it was still impressive.

Overall it was a fun trip and it’s never dull when the Lord is visiting us. You’re welcome to come visit us again! But maybe not too soon this time :)

Lord The Lord.

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