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1 year in Thailand

banner-11 We celebrated our 1 year in Thailand with Sushi and wine.

We’ve made it one year in Uthai Thani so far. Everybody thought moving so far abroad is difficult because of the language issues or the culture difference. Some thought it would be different because all the girls are pretty and friendly. Others thought it would be difficult to adapt to extremely different temperatures. But everybody was wrong! It is the living together 24/7. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that killing each other would be a crime.

I’m exaggerating of course, we would never hurt eachother.We did have to adapt to a whole other culture. We like how lay back and relaxed and easygoing their habits are here, but sometimes it is a pain in the ass. You never know when an appointment is for real and when it is variable. Also sometimes they have these strange habits to us, which we don’t understand and don’t get a clear explanation for. Now we’re quite used to not asking questions and taking it as it is.

Especially my mother was a bit worried about the Thai women. Yes, they are pretty and nice, but divorcing me would cost him a fortune mom! I’m also kidding about that ofcourse, my husband is very loyal, I’m not even a bit worried. I like that the girls are nice, I seem to get along with girls easier in Thailand than in Belgium. Might be because we don’t understand each other a 100%, but who cares.

The fact that the girls are prettier and friendlier would be considered a good thing to my husbands friends I guess. But be warned prettier and friendlier doesn’t mean they are easier to woo. Be respectful!

Like I mentioned earlier the most difficult part was being together 24/7. We did live together in Belgium, but we’ve never worked together. Now we are in each others faces every hour of the day. Fuck the weak pussies who go to temptation island and that kind of bullshit, this is the real challenge!

I think we can conclude we’ve succeeded. We had many ups and downs, but I think we did manage understanding how to keep the balance in weight. I couldn’t have done it with anybody else. We make a great team! Therefore I’d like to thank my husband for being such a great and patient guy, whom I sometimes want to squeeze his throat, just a little.


Thanks for all the good times so far and may there be more to come! I love you and it would have never been possible if you weren’t the man you are. On to the next year!

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