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banner-5 My cousin’s son’s (Ben Plu) soccer team, kvc westerlo U10, donated clothes and soccer shoes for the children who play at Tha Pho, Uthai Thani. I’ve got a whole bunch, but I had to bring half now and bring half with me later in April. It was so much I couldn’t bring it all at once.

These children of Tha Pho, Uthai Thani, play here every evening. They are used to playing on this uneven sandy field, but they are having a blast. It’s nice to see that they can play along with different ages. Some play on flip flops, some wear soccer shoes and some play barefoot. Thanks to the Westelboys of U10 there are less children playing barefoot.

1 They love it when Farangs (click here for the definition of ‘farang’) sometimes play along with them, so my husband and I took the liberty to invite our friends Cada May and Eric Kofi Dossoo. They are both teaching in Anuban muang Uthai Thani school. Sadly they are in this kind of exchange system. Each semester they get the choice of staying in Uthai Thani or teaching somewhere else. Eric has been here for two years, so I think he’s kind of fond of Uthai Thani. Cada and the other Farang teachers just arrived here in november, so fingers crossed.


The kids and the grown ups seemed to have a good time that night. So thanks again to the Westelboys of U10, Cada May and Eric Kofi Dossoo.


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