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Found a gardener


I ran into a guy who was constructing the garden of one of the new neighbours. I asked him what It would cost to provide and place grass at our house. When he told me the price I was confused. I translated it for my husband and asked him if he thought I could have misunderstood. I thought it might be about 1m², but that couldn’t be right either, than it would be too expensive. So I asked again “For the whole 44m² and placing it?”. When he said “yes” my husband immediately started smiling, so I ordered it right away.

At that moment I thought ‘Why stop now? Let’s pursue the whole plan". We had a design plan for about 6 months and were staring and changing it now and than. We went with him to his plantshop and chose every flower and plant we liked. It was noon, it was 40 C, I was sweating like a pig.


When I came home I realised I did not order enough plants or flowers to fulfill the whole design. My husband and I drove to Nakhon Sawan (about 40km single). We bought lots of plants. Until the car was completely filled with plants. We did that 4 times in one day.


Three days later the gardeners team arrived, 4 people and 44m² of grass. They planted about 70 plants and placed the grass in one hour and a half. We were amazed! But really happy with the result!


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