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Because it is not that convenient for all my friends to read my recipes in English I’ve added the possibility to view my recipes in Dutch as well. Although it is not always easy for me to write them in English, I will keep doing this. I will only provide a Dutch translation, no other languages. And I will only do this for the recipes.

It’s good for me to practise some Dutch, because I’ve been having some trouble talking Dutch to my husband. I seem to need more time to use the Dutch words. Sometimes I accidentally speak Thai to him. He’s not that good with facial expressions so it takes me some time to realise he doesn’t always understand me.

My husband is starting to understand and speak some Thai so that is positive. My Thai also seems to be improving. It’s a must, because almost nobody around here speaks English. Luckily my cousins do and I can ask them how to say things in Thai. I’m glad I have smart cousins. Thank you Krachu Klawikkarn, Mamm Klawikkarn and Purida Wangda-id for always helping me!

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