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Dome and Krachu

wedding-banner-1 My cousin and her boyfriend Dome, whom I also know since I was about 15, got married on 29 november 2015. I’m happy for the both of them, because they both are a great catch. But of course I will have to kill my cousin’s husband if he cheats on her or something. I don’t think he is that kind of guy, but be warned I live here now!

The wedding was beautiful. It was a very traditional Thai wedding with monks blessing them and every ritual that goes along with it.


Because of the wedding our family from different parts of world all came to Thailand to attend the wedding. I was the most happy about Joshua (my Godchild) visiting. All of you other family members don’t feel bad, I loved your visit too, but nobody is as cute as he is and you all know it. He was just the most adorable in this Thai traditional clothing.

Joshua-wedding My Godchild and me in traditional thai clothing.

De bride’s sister (Mamm), my cousin (Ingrid from Belgium, Joshua’s mother) and me were bridesmaids from the bride’s side of the family (there were also 3 bridesmaids of the groom’s side). I didn’t realise it before we were standing there at the wedding taking pictures with everybody.

family-1 From left to right : Dol (groom’s brother) , bride & groom, Mamm (bride’s sister), me (bride’s half Belgian cousin living in Thailand), Ingrid (bride’s half Belgian cousin living in Belgium) and Keaw (groom’s sister).

The part were they gave the Sin Sod (bride price) and gave a speech to their parents and each other was so emotional. When Dome said he was going to love my cousin the most of the world I almost cried, but barely managed not weeping. There were many people bursting into tears of happiness that moment.


At the evening party there were so many people. I did have the feeling everybody respected the colors for the dress code. The hall was beautifully decorated, the food was good and there was beer. The wedding didn’t end as early as most weddings do, but we kept on partying with just the family and friends until 11:30 PM. The bride and groom were exhausted, but we are proud of you both for hanging in there so long!


It was an extremely beautiful wedding and I hope they do live happily ever after, because I love both of them. My cousin a bit more of course, because growing up she was like a sister to me. She is the one that taught me how to speak Thai when we were kids.

sisters Left : Krachu (the bride), Annon (my Swedish cousin) and me when we were kids. Right : when we were 15 years old. We’re waiting for Annon to visit to take a new picture.

Dome is the nicest Thai guy I know and my husband and I both like to hang out with him. I’m glad they ended up marrying each other.


Congratulations to the both of you again!

Watch their wedding video here.

Or watch their wedding video on YouTube

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