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Clothes donation

Karin Van Nuffelen gave me some clothes to donate to children (I will write about that later) and some for adults. My mother’s cousin is not that wealthy, so I decided to donate the clothes to her.

I always bring her our empty cans and bottles to sell for recycling. It’s her only personal source of income. Her husband does work 12 hours a day 7 days a week, but for a ridiculous wage in my opinion. I’m not going to share my opinion about it, because it won’t change a thing. Is is how it is and that’s how the system works here. The only thing I can do is try to help were I can.

Karin Van Nuffelen her clothes were more than welcome. Although my aunt is not smiling in the picture, she was grateful for the donation. She is just ashamed to smile because her teeth broke a while ago and they don’t have enough money to get it fixed.


So thank you Karin people like you do make a little difference in the world!

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