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Blogging for 1 year now


Yesterday was a big day for me. I was blogging for exact 1 year, but I wasn’t able to write about it, because I had so much going on.

During the day we went to the “Amphoe” City Hall, to get our marriage registered in Thailand.

In the evening my husband and I attended a newly started thai lesson.

This morning we visited the MEP Anuban Muang Uthaithani School because some of our friends teach at that school.

Like I mentioned before I’ve been blogging for a year now. I’m still glad I live in Uthai Thani (that also applies for my husband) and I still am thankful for their hospitality and kindness. The longer I live her, the more I love the personality of the people who live in Uthai Thani.

Especially after the bombing in Bangkok I feel very safe at Uthai Thani. It is the most peaceful and at ease place in the world I’ve been. So after a year, again Thank You people of Uthai Thani for being so tolerant to our cultural difference. I’m trying to understand yours of course!

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