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Bert in Uthai Thani

Who is Bert? Bert and I met in high school. When I was 15 years old he flunk out a year and ended up with me in class. We got along great and became best friends. We were inseparable. We called each other every day after school. I can’t even imagine what we could possibly talk about. After high school we each went our separate ways. We both got in a longterm relationship and didn’t really see each other any more.

Bert Bert and me when I was 15 years old.

After both our relationships ended 5 years ago we hung out and made jokes about our exes to realize how ridiculous it would be to feel bad about what happened. I hadn’t seen him for years, but I never had another best friend so for me it was very easy to pick up where we left off.

A few months after I married my husband and I moved to Thailand. Whenever I went on holiday in Belgium Bert and I met for some drinks naturally. While I lived in Thailand we kept in touch by texting each other from time to time. I thought a teaching job in Thailand would be something he’d enjoy and I shared that thought with him a few times.

Last year I received great news. Bert was going to travel to Thailand with his family. I kept asking (read nagging) him to visit me in Uthai Thani and so he did at the end of December. The first night he was in Uthai Thani my husband, Bert and I went to the Beer Box (a local bar). At some point he started talking about a girl he saw sitting a few tables from us. My husband and I thought she looked too young, but as she was drinking beer we figured she must have been at least 18, which we still found too young. Time past by and the girl left. After closing time we went to Nice House, another bar which closes later. Around closing time people were starting to go home and at the complete other side of the bar there Bert saw that same girl standing. She had to be over 20 years old, because that is the minimum age to enter the bar. We went over to talk to her. The first thing I asked was her age. Apparently she was 27, so it was appropriate to talk to her. She then made it clear she saw Bert at Beerbox too and right there and then it all started.

Bert-and-Kiewkoi Bert and his girlfriend. 7 months together now and still counting.

They saw each other almost everyday while he was in Uthai Thani. When she had to go back to Sattahip where she works as a teacher, he went with her. After he rejoined his family (they were in Koh Kood) he started thinking about staying in Thailand. When I found out he was seriously considering staying here, I helped him find a job. He got a teaching job in Chainat. During the weekends he commuted to Sattahip or his girlfriend visited him.

Life in Chainat was alright Bert was happy working there, but he wanted to move to Uthai Thani for the next school year. One of our friends who was teaching at Pittuksitwittaya Uthai Thani was leaving, so her job had to be filled. Bert applied and got offered the job. He now is teaching English and living in Uthai Thani. I think it is so cool he lives here now, but also very weird if you think about it. What are the odds for us to end up in the same small rural town in Thailand?

Bert-in-UThai Celebrating Christmas 2015 and New year 2016 together

For anybody who is wondering he is still happily together with his girlfriend and he is still working as an English teacher in Uthai Thani Thailand.

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