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Bangkaew Dog

banner-bangkeaw-1 This valentine I fell in love. Not with my husband, I still love him, but he is not as cuddly as the Thai Bangkaew Dog.

We went to Phitsanulok for our valentines weekend. My husband knows I love animals, so he arranged a weekend at the Sappraiwan Grand Hotel & Resort. That resort is famous for their elephants sanctuary.

In Phitsanulok we passed a road with a lot of caged puppy’s, all Bangkaew dogs. Bangkaew is a village in Phitsanulok. In this district there is a temple called Wat Bangkaew, where the Thai Bangkaew dogs are originated. There for the Bangkaew dog is famous in Phitsanulok.

My husband allowed me to buy one, but my common sense was stronger than my desire to buy this cute little ball of fur. I have some huge contradictions going on in my mind. I really want this dog, but I love to travel so much I can’t buy one.

If you’d ever see one of those cages, don’t pick one up to cuddle. It’s too cute to leave behind. It will break your heart.


My husband with a very cute fluffy Bangkaew Dog.

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