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Back in Belgium for a while

Well I’m back in Belgium for a while. To celebrate Christmas and new year traditionally with the family. And also for the birthday of my mother in law, which is today (happy birthday if you should read this today), the birthday of my godchild ( who is super cute, Joshua Bellavia is becoming 2 years old) and the birthday of my dad (the best father in the world, he is becoming 60, sorry if I should have lied about your age dad).

My first impression on arriving here : It’s freaking cold, moist and dark! It’s a huge difference with Thailand. At this point I’m doubting that it was a good idea to come to belgium in the winter. Maybe not our best idea ever. Still it’s great to see the family and friends again.

I’m also very happy to see my cats ofcourse! Although I just had to find out my favorite cat has terminal cancer, I m still very happy to see him before it is to late. I love the other 2 also, but they we’re brought to me later because the owners didn’t want them anymore. My favorite cat was with me since he was a kitten, he moved 3 times with me because of break ups. He’s 11 years old now. I hope to be here for him when his time comes.

While in Belgium, I’ll still be working on the blog. I can even ask my mother for help now. So there will still be updates. But for now, I’m first going to my mother in law’s birthday party and enjoy the company, Belgian food and of course Belgian Beer!!!! (Yes you should write in in capital letters if you realise how great it is.)

banner-2 From left to right : my mother in law, my godchild, my father and my pet as kitten and as grown cat.

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