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A regular day in Uthai Thani

My regular days in Uthai Thani are not that special, but I wanted to visualize what it’s like to live in Uthai Thani (if you are not a teacher) and what we spend.

Usually my neighbor wakes me up at about 6 am. He doesn’t do it on purpose, but he is my wake-up call. Every morning he pushes his motorbike out of his driveway. His gate squeaks and then he’ll start his motorbike on the street to not wake anybody up. But then he often yells at his dogs. Sometimes I’ll fall back asleep, but after an hour most of the neighbors are awake and it will get noisy outside. Time to hit the shower and move 1 room to step into the office.

Every day at about 11am my husband and I go for a swim. I get dressed at home as there aren’t any locker rooms. It’s 20 Baht per person per time. The water isn’t always as clear as it should, the lights have never worked and are just sitting on the side of the pool and the showers usually don’t have any pressure. You’re lucky if you get a little bit of drip out of the shower. But I like to go swimming anyway and on the plus side you basically have the pool all by yourself every time. After my swim I usually hose myself down like a dog and get changed in the toilet which doesn’t have a lock. I still think it is 20 Baht well spend!

HOSE Hosing myself down like a dog.

After the swim my husband and I will grab a noodle soup in one of our favorite noodle shops. Depending on which one we feel like it is 40 or 45 Baht a bowl and 15 Baht for a shared big bottle of coke.

NOODLES One of my favorite noodles.

After that we’ll go back home to the office again. Sometimes we’ll eat out in the evening, but most days I cook dinner. When I cook I drive to the daily fresh market for some ingredients. Usually I only use about 100 or 150 Baht for meat/fish and vegetables.

Buying fish at the market.

That is my daily routine. So on regular week days we spent about 300 Baht (for 2). This does not include the water, coffee or soda we drink at home but it still is not bad if you ask me.

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