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4 February


When I was 15 I had a crush on a boy who lived in my neighbourhood. I knew nothing about him, but he looked ridiculously hot. You know what I’m talking about right? The guy that looks so hot that you don’t even have to know what his name is or if he even has a girlfriend. You just instantly fall in love with him. That’s what happened to me. I was pretty determined and I’ve always been quite confident. Of course I made a fool of myself a few times and it hurt, but it never stoped me from going for what I want.

A mutual friend who rode to school with the guy I had a crush on arranged for me to ride with them. My school it totally an opposite direction, but that was the smoothest we could think of. The mutual friend was one of my first boyfriends by the way and I’m proud to say that we are still friends.

I don’t remember how long it took me or how fast everything went, but at 4 February 1999 we were officially boyfriend and girlfriend. For 2 years I was proud to call this hot guy my boyfriend. Although he was a great guy and he was the hottest in my opinion, I found that he was to calm (read passive) for me and I was still young I wanted to see what else was out there, so we broke up.

The first couple of years after we broke up we stayed really good friends as we had the same group of friends for the past years and we could manage a way to get along well. We both had a few relationships while going out together and it didn’t really bother one another much. The first few times it’s a bit awkward to see “your guy” kissing another girl that isn’t good enough in your opinion, but with enough booze we both got passed the awkward moments. After a few you get used to it.

friends-1 Going out as friends.

I started seeing him, and my friends, less when I started dating my previous ex boyfriend. To avoid calling him “the ex boyfriend” all the time let’s call him Björn. Björn was never a big fan of my hot highschool sweetheart crush. I didn’t see him as much while I was in a relationship with Björn.

In 2007 the hot guy came to me to ask advice about a trip to Thailand he was planning with his friends. As we hadn’t seen each other for a while so we talked a bit to catch up on each other’s lives. He told me he was just starting seeing somebody I knew. I started laughing. At first because I found him an idiot for starting dating somebody right before he went on this trip to Thailand. And second because I didn’t find her compatible with him, which I told him. I guess I was still thinking nobody was good enough for him. During his trip to Thailand his backpack got stolen and he called me to ask what he should do. I think he was still drunk at that point, because what could I say? But I was secretly flattered he thought about calling me though.

After a year he moved in with the girl I found him not compatible with. At that point I thought he proved me wrong, so I did what any friend would do. I was supportive and visited him. But when I saw that they had a larger than real life portrait of their dog (which was still alive and well) on their fireplace I started laughing again. I just couldn’t help myself he was cleary not seeing the red flags I saw.

In 2009 Björn and I bought an old house together and started renovating it ourselves as we were quite the handy couple. Bjorn and I spend so many weekends working in the house. Before I knew it more than 2 years had passes and I almost never saw my friends during that period.

This one time in 2011 there was a reunion of a studentjob the hot guy and I both worked at when we were at high school. I was very excited to see him again! I tried to look my best ofcourse because I knew he was going to be there. Yes I was still together with Bjorn, but you always want your highschool sweetheart to see you at your best right? (Right? Or is that just me?) I sat next to him and we got along great, as always. After dinner we all went to a bar, but his girlfriend was there to. I immediately fell she was not right for him, but apparently they lived together. I was right about it before, but I sure hoped I was wrong because he deserved to be happy.

pita-Geel A picture of the night of the reunion.

That same year after my trip to Thailand with Björn things went downhill fast and before I know it I was at home alone sitting by myself next to the Christmas tree. I texted 2 friends about my situation my best friend Karen and of course my friend the high school sweetheart aka the hot guy. My best friend tried to convince me to spend Christmas and New Year with her, but I was figuring out what went wrong for the relationship to end so promptly. We had more downs than ups but couldn’t figure out what made Björn make that decision right after our trip and move out so quickly. It just didn’t make any sense to me. My highschool sweetheart tried to convince me to go out with him and his friends again after all these years of absence, but I felt like I wasn’t going to be much fun.

If you now are wondering why Björn was so fast to pack his bags and move out: he was cheating for a really long time with a girl from his work. Let’s call her Joris. If you’re thinking that Joris is not a girls name, well I thought the same. It’s an inside joke he changed her name to Joris in his phone and talked about Joris of his work to not make me suspicious if he would get a message or a phone call. It worked like a charm. I didn’t know back than what I know now. I only found out when Björn broke up with Joris and she threatened Björn to tell me everything so he came clean. But then Joris decided to tell me everything very detailed anyway. She was being so bitchy, mean and vulgaire to me that she made it relatively easy to deal with it. It’s always easier when you don’t feel inferior in any way.

One day in the beginning of 2012 I was having drinks with Bert (my best friend from Highschool). At some point that hot guy entered the bar we were at and I I was intrigued again . We started talking and apparently he broke up with the girl who was living with him. Long story short we started hanging out more, having dinner at each others places after work, going out in the weekends, and so on. Nothing romantic at that point.

By chance we lived close to each other again, which made hanging out at each others places casual. As we saw each other so much and we were going out together every weekend we started growing closer to each other without even realising it ourselves. At some point I was on foot at a bar in town and I was being flirty with the hot guy and he decided to give me a ride home. He ended up spending the night with me and in the morning it still felt right. It wasn’t awkward or anything at all. A few weeks after that night I was wondering when we actually hooked up again. I scrolled back in my phone messages and I was totally surprised to see 4 February 2012.

Now 4 years later, I am so proud to call that ridiculously hot boy my husband. I’m so happy how it all worked out and I am 100% sure there is nobody more compatible out there for me. Yes he is still quite calm, but I need that. I need somebody to calm me down and he for sure needs somebody to spicy up his life. We both are stronger together and we make eachother better persons. So thank you for being the great person you are! I’m glad I can celebrate the 4th year anniversary (or 6th in general haha) with you today!


You are so nice, easy going and fun, but what makes it the most easy to love you is that you’re so handsome!

If by any chance one of the exes of my husband I wrote about reads this, which I doubt (I even doubt if anybody but my husband reads this), I don’t mean you are less than me in any way just less compatible. But I guess you both are happy in your relationships and I think you must feel the same now. I wish you both the best of luck!

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