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2014 in Belgium

Although I do have a great time with friends and family I already miss Thailand. Especially the weather. I’m getting a bit depressed of this grey, cold and rainy season in Belgium. I know everybody thinks I’m nagging about the weather, but it really depresses me after living in Thailand for only 6 months.

My intention was to keep posting on the blog, but because of the holidays and because my husband and I had to meet a lot of family and friends, I didn’t have much time to work on my blog. family Fun night visiting my brother in law, his girlfriend and their son, my husband’s godchild.

The second reason why I didn’t write anything was because of the inevitable happened: my favorite cat died. I’ve been crying a lot the first days after he passed away. I really loved that cat so much! I’ve been sad over pets before, but not like this. I didn’t want to do anything and nothing made me happy. Luckily my husband knows how much I loved my cat and how sad I am about losing him.With his compassion, comfort and support I’ve got back to my normal life. I still miss him, but I can go to sleep and wake up again without crying. nieminoe Nieminoe, my cat who passed away.

So far not the best vacation ever, but there were also good times. Celebrating new years evening with friends, having drinks with friends and family and seeing my godchild and my husband’s godchild again was really fun. I was really looking forward to seeing Joshua, my godchild, again. He can talk now. Luckily he speaks some Thai too, because my French is going downhill since I moved to Thailand. godchildren Left Joshua (my godchild), right Thieu (my husband’s godchild).

It’s a new year, that calls for a new start : Belgium, I’m giving you a fresh start. Let’s make the best of it and enjoy the time with friends and family, the awesome Belgian beer and chocolat and French fries (which should be named Belgian fries to my opinion, but I won’t be starting on that right now).

Happy New Year everybody! friends New Years Evening with friends.

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