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2 years in Uthai Thani

Today my husband and I have been living in Uthai Thani for 2 years. The first year was an adjustment year and that was a bumpy ride. I had a lot of stress because of how confusing Thai paperwork can be and my Belgian punctuality in contrast to the Thai laid back attitude was not the best combination. Plus like I mentioned last year, working together with your partner 24/7 is not easy if you are not used to it.

This 2nd year was very much less turbulent. We got used to working together and I think my husband and I grew much closer together. We traveled more, we made a lot of good friends and even my best friend from Belgium moved to Uthai Thani. I feel more at home now. I am more relaxed and I’m pretty much used to wasting time. I don’t get worked up in silly situations anymore and I can laugh it off easily.

So basically nothing in Uthai Thani changed, but living in Thailand for 2 years changed me. For the better I think.

2-years-in-Thailand-smily Me, a smily face and my husband on a Thai wedding.

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