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Hi there, welcome on my blog. My name is Noeke. My middle name is Soechaadaa. It’s a Thai name. I’m a half Thai, half Belgian expat living in Uthai Thani, Thailand. I’m born and raised in Belgium, but at the age of 29 my husband and I moved to Thailand. I consider myself Belgian and so do the locals here. On this blog I share my experiences while living here, places I find worth visiting and recipes of dishes I find yummy.

Here’s some facts about me :

  • Asians think I’m European, Europeans think I’m Asian
  • Almost nobody pronounces or writes my name right
  • I can speak 4 languages (Dutch, English, Thai and French)
  • I can speak, but not read Thai
  • I understand German ‘ein bisschen’ but my husbands says I sound ridiculous when I try to speak it
  • I’m a foodie but rather of the carnivore kind
  • I like my beer blonde, I especially like triple
  • I like my wine red and full
  • I’m social but small talk is not one of my skills
  • I don’t cry easily, buy I cry when I watch sad cartoons
  • I’m a bit germophobic (but that improved while living here)
  • I don’t believe in wearing makeup everyday
  • I’m very organised and practical minded

These are the things I love :

  • Food
  • Cats
  • Traveling
  • Having drinks with friends
  • Sports (I’ve been a gymnast for 15 years)
  • Structure
  • My hubby ofcourse!

These are the things I dislike/hate :

  • Drama
  • Racism
  • Sexism
  • Liars
  • Anise (the flavour)

I’m afraid of:

  • Spiders
  • Needles (in my body, not of needles itself)
  • Complete dark
  • Horror movies
  • Thunderstorms at night

I get upset when :

  • I crave for food that I can’t eat at that moment
  • I’m hungry
  • My husband is too apathetic in my opinion
  • I feel like people are taking advantage of me or my husband
  • Somebody insults my husband (that almost never happens because he is so nice to everybody)
  • I look back on a situation and I think I did not handle correctly

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